Being The King (or Queen) Of Content Part 1: Taking A Great Photo

Every time I mention what I do for a living (which, to anybody my parents’ age generally involves a conversation about how the digital age is amazing/confusing/the devil, depending on who you talk to) – there are a few tips that people constantly ask me for. One of them is how to make great content. This is the beginning of a series where I will address very basic steps to creating content for yourself in-house – starting with the one people seem to struggle with the most frequently: photography.

Everything from the humble selfie to a super professional skyline shot all follow the same basic principles – so in theory no matter what you’re using to take the photo, if you use these tips you’ll be able to take some great shots. The Zomato Australia Instagram account gets tagged in hundreds of amazing food photos every day, and I’m often surprised when I find out just how many of them were taken with an iPhone.

I liken it to running while wearing Kmart sneakers – someone who is really good at running will probably do quite well regardless, and if you’re a naturally talented runner then it won’t matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing. In the same vein you wouldn’t want to be using cheap joggers if you’re trying to win a marathon or break a record – you’d probably be better off investing in a better pair of shoes if you’re trying to be a pro. But if you’re not a professional and you just want to improve the photos that you’re taking, then these steps are a fantastic place to start.

I think it probably goes without saying that content forms the basis of a lot of social media communication – you need to know your audience, know what you’re trying to achieve with your content, and most of all – have a discerning eye to know whether the content you’ve produced is up to scratch enough.

Check out the infographic I’ve created below:

How To- Take A Great Photo On Your Phone.png


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